Calcule de resistance d` ossature bois
Chambre de sechage du bois
Rabotage du bois
Calibrage du bois pour ossature
Traitementes pour rezistance du bois
Asamblare componente structura
Ambalare structuri din lemn
Montaj structuri din lemn

Building design

The technical team is using specialized software like RoofCon and TrussCon for every wood structure construction details according to EUROCODE 5 standards. The whole documentation, from the calculation and workshop drawings to the assembly details is delivered together with the product.

The wood drying process

Before woodworking operations, all the wood is dried in modern installations controlled by the computer; drying capacity - 100 m3 by month.

The planning operation

The dried timber is passed into a four places planer in order to obtain précised dimensions and a good quality of the surfaces.

The cutting operations

A CNC machine is used to cut every component of the structures to the length and the angles as calculated by the designer.

The wood treatment operation

Before assembling, the wood is treated against insects, moisture, decay, fungi and fire protection.

The assembly operation

The components of structure as calculated by the designer are assembled using metal connectors by the help of a mobile press (30 tones force). The technological line is made in Canada by Mitek

The packaging operation

To keep safe during the transport and to save space in the truck, the components of the structure are charged on the pallets and protected against the rain.

The installation

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